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Glide and Ride with Me (Tinder)

So here at 7 Senses Therapy we give kids lots of bike ridding lessons and they really learn how to ride! You know why?......we use the 7 Senses Glide and Ride Method with an added bonus...ME. =)

I call it 7 Senses Glide and Ride with Tinder, but don't tell my mom and dad. We meet the kids at the park and then we get practicing. Watch this video clip to see how I tell the kids to "GO"...then they glide over to me...

Check out the video below to see this dude really ride, look at him go!

That's me...I always like getting my picture taken! =)

Guess, what I'm thinking... for next time...a new game called deliver the treats to Tinder. We give the kid some treats and he has to ride over to me and DELIVER to MOI ....I think I'll go tell mom and dad about my idea now...bye!

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