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Dog Days Are Over...It's Monday

"The dog days are over".... "The dog days are done".... oh hey there, you caught me singin'..

So it's back to work Monday. Today I will tell you about one of my favorite games I got to play....ummm..oops...I mean favorite jobs I had to do today. It is called VELCRO CATCH. Here let me show you what it looks like.

I tell the kids to throw the ball for me and I run to get it! I also like to tug the ball off of the mitt. Let me tell you how this helps my kids. Well, fitst of all my kids get to play and interact with me working on their social skills. The also get stronger when they pull the ball off the mitt and improve their coordination when they throw it for me to a specific room. My girl, Lauren, says the kids work on their visual motor skills, this I hear means eye hand coordination. My kids also work on sensory processing too, lots of textures to feel during this game!

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