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You Make, I Break.

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share a really cool game that we play here at 7 Senses Therapy, LLC to help the kids with their fine motor skills, visual motor/perceptual skills (eye hand coordination), following directions, attention, and sequencing. This game is called Make N' Break Challenge. Here's a look at the game. It requires the children to use tongs to build the design on the card with the blocks. If the tongs are too hard, I let them use their hands first.

So the idea here is, the kids get to improve their fine motor skills...THEY MAKE....then I BREAK. Here is a picture of me breaking one of the designs after the kids have built it. They are more motivated to build when they know I get to knock it down after.

Take another look and me and this little girl, posing with the tongs after out very fun game of Make n' Break Challenge! Oh, they also get to practice their handwriting to write the score on the board and their Math skills when adding the scores to see who wins!

Talk to everyone later...bye!

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