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The 7 Senses SENSORY ASSESSMENT will provide you with insight into your child's 7 Sensory Systems: Visual, Auditory, Taste/Smell, Proprioceptive (body awareness), Vestibular (balance), and Tactile (touch)

and how they are functioning.


1.  Complete the 7 Senses SENSORY ASSESSMENT (a form will be emailed to you after payment). 


2. Email back to


3.  It will be scored and a graph of the results will be emailed back. 

Sensory Assessment with Customized Strategies ($19.99)


A Sensory Diet is actually a specific set of sensory tasks, throughout the day, designed specifically for your child to improve sensory processing, attention, and self-regulation.


The 7 Senses CUSTOM SENSORY DIET will provide your child with specially designed tasks for their specific sensory needs.


The 7 Senses CUSTOM SENSORY DIET includes:


  • 7 Senses SENSORY ASSESSMENT  (Form will be emailed after payment).

  • Customized sensory diet for your child, based on the results of the assessment, to help your day go much smoother!