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EZPZ Mini Cup + Straw Training System

EZPZ Mini Cup + Straw Training System

  • Thoughtfully Designed: The ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System teaches older babies + toddlers to drink from an open cup and safely learn to use a straw. The straw serves as a Beginner Training Straw + an Advanced Training Straw, and the straw length and diameter are designed for straw introduction. Sensory bumps keep the infant / toddler’s lips at the tip of the straw. Weighted base and tactile bumps provide topple resistance, making it an ideal weighted straw cup for toddlers.
  • Designed + Tested By A Pediatric Feeding Expert: All ezpz products are designed to help children meet milestones safely and effectively. Dawn Winkelmann, M.S, CCC-SLP’s 3-Phase Developmental Drinking Method helps toddlers succeed with open cup and straw drinking milestones. Our toddler straw cups are crafted with expertise to support your child's development.
  • Straw Drinking Is Important: Learning to drink from a straw is an important developmental milestone that develops lip rounding, supports the development of a mature swallow, and promotes speech development. Upgrade from the limitations of sippy cups to our innovative cup and straw for babies, designed to encourage these crucial developmental milestones. Make the switch today and watch your little one thrive!
  • Quality Material: All components (the cup, lid, and straw) are made from food-grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex, and phthalate-free. Soft silicone reduces potential injury to developing gums and teeth, making it a safe choice for your infant or toddler cups.
  • Easy To Use: The Mini Cup + Straw can be introduced at 9+ months depending on baby’s readiness. ezpz’s silicone straw cup is dishwasher safe and safe to use with cold, warm, and hot foods and liquids. Our silicone cups for toddlers and infants offers convenience and safety for parents and comfort for little ones.
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