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Have a few skills to gain, such as learning to tie your shoes?  Well, check out 7 Senses Therapy's classes you don't need an evaluation to participate, anyone can!  Sign up for a class today.  

To schedule: email us: 7sensestherapy@gmail.com or call the office at: 321-255-7779

Have a 3 or 4 year old?

Get them prepped early for school with our Kindergarten Readiness Program!

Handwriting Class

This class uses a fun, motivating multi-sensory approach to handwriting to improve legibility, spacing, and letter formation.  1-5 children per class. (No evaluation required as this is not individual therapy)

$44.00 for 30 minutes

Swimming Class

This class is seasonal so please call or email the office to check if class is running. This class encompasses swim safety and swim lessons with our certified swim safety instructor. Our instructor will meet you at a pool of your choice.

$50.00 for 45 minutes

Shoe Tying Class

This class uses unique shoelaces called I Can Tie Shoelaces (laces with Velcro) to teach your child how to tie!

$44.00 for 30 minutes

(Includes FREE pair of I Can Tie Laces)

Social Skills Class

These classes are separated into various age groups from 4-12 years old.  Kids learn how to work with peers collaboratively and cooperatively.  They learn manners, politeness, and necessary social skills to improve daily interactions with others! Requires free screening form to be completed prior to being accepted into the class.

$59.00 for 1.5 hours


Call 321-255-7779 or email 7sensestherapy@gmail.com to schedule a class today!