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What are the 7 Senses?


The 7 Senses:

Vestibular- movement and balance, most powerful sense, tells us where our body is in relation to gravity (inner ear).






Proprioceptive- body position and awareness, tells us where our body is in space and what our body parts are doing (muscles and joints).







Tactile- touch, gives us information related to pain, temperature, pressure, size, shape, texture.












Auditory- hearing, tells us where sounds occur and what sounds we are hearing.









Visual- seeing, tells us color, shape, size, distance, and movement.










Gustatory- tasting, provides information on items that enter the mouth.













Olfactory- smelling, provides information about odors we encounter.













All of our senses are interrelated and function together.  Many abilities rely on effective sensory processing; especially from our vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile senses.   OT can encourage these skills to develop, so children can reach their potentials!








vestibular sense
tactile play, messy play
auditory, sounds
visual processing
taste, gustatory sense
smell, olfactory sense
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