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7 Senses CLASSES!   Scroll down and book a class now!


Have a few skills to gain, such as learning to tie your shoes?  Well, check out 7 Senses Therapy's classes you don't need an evaluation to participate, anyone can!  Sign up for a class today.  

To schedule: email us: or call the office at: 321-255-7779

Have a 3 or 4 year old?

Get them prepped early for school with our Kindergarten Readiness Program!

Handwriting Class

This class uses a fun, motivating multi-sensory approach to handwriting to improve legibility, spacing, and letter formation.  1-5 children per class. (No evaluation required as this is not individual therapy) 63.99/45min

Shoe Tying Class

This class uses unique shoelaces called I Can Tie Shoelaces (laces with Velcro) to teach your child how to tie!

(Includes FREE pair of I Can Tie Laces)

Stacking Blocks
Fine Motor Class

This class helps strengthen and build coordination in the hands to improve fine motor skills. We use a multi-sensory approach with fun hands-on learning activities. 63.99/45min

Call 321-255-7779 or email to schedule a class today!

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