Girls Xoomy

The fantastic portable illustrating machine. With this machine, kids can now draw their favorite designs just like the pros. It's so easy. Pick a pattern and place it on the zoom lamp. Adjust the zoom factor and switch on the lamp. Then you place the paper onto the screen and start tracing. Once your drawing is finished, color in the design with your favorite colored pencils. All contents store easily in the portable case. 

Xoomy® is Ravensburger's portable illustrating light box that enables girls to express their creativity with a little help and inspiration from the kit's 30 image patterns and accessories. The easy-to-follow instructions provide activity ideas for young artists to follow. Ravensburger's Xoomy® Girls is designed for girls ages 7 and up.

Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award 2011.

Winner of the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award 2011.

All contents store easily in the portable case.

Compact drawing case filled with stencils, paper and more to inspire young artists.

Xoomy® Inspires Creativity
Xoomy® Girls is a compact portable illustrating machine in a pink case that contains an adjustable zoom lamp that enlarges the image to 30 times its regular size so girls can easily trace one of 30 image patterns contained in the kit. Young artists put the pattern on the light box and cover it with a sheet of paper, zoom in to the desired size, and trace it. Once the outline is drawn, girls can finish the image as they wish by coloring it in or embellishing it in other ways to personalize the work. They can mix and match their images with pictures from different theme sheets for completely original designs.

Creativity On the Go
Xoomy® Girls is a creative toy that provides the tools for girls to express their artistic style. The kit's 30 enclosed stencils present a creative starting point that allows them to take their designs anywhere they want. While helping them practice fine motor and sequencing skills.